Only in Spain

It’s a Girl!

38 years and two months ago (okay and one day) my mother-in-law went to the hospital in labor with Nacho. Obviously way back when she had no idea if Nacho was going to be Nacho or Natalie, but with one daughter already and an extremely similar pregnancy, both she and my father-in-law were convinced another […]

(Don’t) Wish You Were Here

Real time blogging here, folks. This morning I have an appointment for some allergy testing due to a reaction I had to an antibiotic earlier this year. Given the fact that the original prescribing doctor and the emergency doctor who saw me over the weekend are through the public system, I went ahead and planned […]

No lie.

Just popped into the lunch room here on my floor to heat up a quick cup of tea and the conversation I overheard was definitely one of those “only in spain…”s. About 12 people talking about the various ways to make tortilla española.