International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to honoring the working woman and to highlight the sexist disparities that exist. It’s no secret that sexism still runs fairly rampant in Spanish society. Sure, the modern Spaniard might do his fair share of housework and many women are valued resources in their companies, but the […]

A Cold Day in Hell

They’ve set up a foodstuffs market out in the boulevard of our street. A row of white booths offering everything from Galician breads to Canarian cheese to wines from all over the place. We’ve already checked it out for some good holiday gifts… The noteworthy thing about all this is, however, that the market has […]

The Tower of Bable

…is becoming the bane of my existence. I’ve recently started working on a new project at work only to realize that it means I’ll be working in my 5th language since starting at this company. A little background… I work in the civil engineering construction department at one of the country’s big electricity companies. Although […]

Thursday thoughts

If I only I had my camera with me here at work… then I’d post a picture of the current state of my office refrigerator. It’s stocked full of tantalizing bottles of Lambrusco. And a big cake. Clearly someone is celebrating. And celebrating in Spain means alchohol. Even if it’s at the office. Even if […]


Today I started my third job in Spain. Well, my third professional, legally-paying job. Up to this point, both in the States and here in Spain, I have always worked in small companies – the biggest being back in the States with around 30 people. For some reason I thought that my new employer, a […]