It’s a Girl!

38 years and two months ago (okay and one day) my mother-in-law went to the hospital in labor with Nacho. Obviously way back when she had no idea if Nacho was going to be Nacho or Natalie, but with one daughter already and an extremely similar pregnancy, both she and my father-in-law were convinced another […]

The Waiting Game

Silly me. I should have known that as frustrating as that appointment turned out to be, it couldn’t even be THAT easy. What I thought was an appointment to actually get a test run turned out to be an initial consult with an allergist. Now SHE’S ordered the test in question, but I can’t make […]

(Don’t) Wish You Were Here

Real time blogging here, folks. This morning I have an appointment for some allergy testing due to a reaction I had to an antibiotic earlier this year. Given the fact that the original prescribing doctor and the emergency doctor who saw me over the weekend are through the public system, I went ahead and planned […]

International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to honoring the working woman and to highlight the sexist disparities that exist. It’s no secret that sexism still runs fairly rampant in Spanish society. Sure, the modern Spaniard might do his fair share of housework and many women are valued resources in their companies, but the […]


That’s right, I’m back and I’m going to see if I can get back into blogging on a more regular basis. A regular basis? Hah! Let’s see if I can start blogging again at all, especially considering it’s been a year and a half since I last wrote and even way back in 2010 my […]

Breath of Fresh Air

Air. Glorious air. Glorious cold air. Who, in their right mind, lives in a house without air conditioning in a city where it frequently hits 100º in the summer? Well, we do. Scratch that. We did. The icey breath of salvation finally reached our apartment this week. Or at least half of it… You’d think that […]

The Onion 1; El Mundo 0

April Fool’s Day isn’t for another month. And the Holy Innocents was back in December. So it looks like El Mundo, one of the biggest Spanish newspapers, has absolutely no excuse for not checking their facts and sources a tad bit more… Yep, they’ve written a short story about how Obama uses playback on his […]