A mainstay in the Spanish shopping culture is the “Chino,” as the shop owned and run by Chinese people is so simplistically called. Years ago these shops were stocked almost exclusively with foodstuffs. In Spain back 10 (or even 5-6) years or so ago there were just two kinds of stores that could open on […]

The Soundtrack of my Morning

It’s off to Edinburgh for the holidays. But as we pack this is on the TV… fingers crossed…

Boob Tube

For my generation, at least, a great portion of the “knowledge” that people have about the USA comes from TV. Holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving may not be observed here but at least people have heard of them thanks to their favorite series. Elements of American “culture” show up all of the time and […]


Why are Spanish people so dainty that they eat sandwiches with a knife and fork but then don’t put their napkins on their laps?

Martes y trece…

…ni te cases ni te embarques. In Spain today is the unlucky day and not a Friday of the same numerical persuasion. And, as the saying goes, you should neither get married nor start a trip. In order to follow that advice, it’s probably better that it is a Tuesday and not a Friday, since […]

Dressed in black

Not too long ago I had one of those expat experiences, that we all hope to never go through – or that we hope to at least postpone as long as possible. I was a little torn over if I should even blog about the situation. But my mind was made up when I searched […]

The Writing on the Wall

Si tu Dios es judío, tu coche japonés, tu pizza italiana, tu gas argelino, tu café brasileño, tu reloj suizo, tus cifras árabes, tus letras latinas… ¿Cómo te atreves a llamar a tu vecino extranjero? I was out and about (unfortunately sans camera) last week when I came across this message painted on a wall […]