Last week I once again travelled north to visit our construction site in Pais Vasco. I don’t really mind these days out of the office, but I admit that some times I am overly focused on getting there and getting back. This time I decided to enjoy the journey a bit more and stop at […]

It could certainly be worse…

When I talk about my upcoming move and encourage people to come visit, they always complain about the long flight. Click on the image above and check out step #23 to see Google’s reminder that the trip could definitely be worse than 9 hours in Economy class.

Page-A-Day Wisdom

For Christmas Santa got me Page-A-Day desk calender. He does that for pretty much everyone in my family each year. This year mine is Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch. I’m finding that I don’t really need to work on that. I’m pretty in touch with her as it is. But today’s page was […]

Getting Started

Inspired by the many others who somehow think their personal thoughts and reflections will be interesting to the outside world, I am starting this blog. Despite my being an engineer, I have always had a hidden slant towards the world of letters. Perhaps it’s the result (either genetic or learned) of having two English-teacher parents. […]