A Cold Day in Hell

They’ve set up a foodstuffs market out in the boulevard of our street. A row of white booths offering everything from Galician breads to Canarian cheese to wines from all over the place. We’ve already checked it out for some good holiday gifts… The noteworthy thing about all this is, however, that the market has […]

On the Lam(b)

I’m way behind on my posting. The calendar is to blame. The summers in Spain are a demon unto themselves. Everyone goes on vacation for weeks at a time. The sun shines for weeks and months on end. The work schedules are shortened to just, in my case, 6.5 hours a day. Everything slows down, […]

Winter’s on its Way

After more than three years living in tropical South Florida, I now find myself truly appreciative of the changing seasons in Madrid. It doesn’t seem as though it’s been all that long since I wrote about the arrival of autumn, and the city is already transforming into winter-Madrid. The grocery stores have brought out their […]


All signs point to fall’s arrival in Madrid. Just as the leaves change colors, so does the character of the City. Summer work schedules are at an end. The streets are once again full of Spaniards. Kids everywhere are dressed in navy and grey (standard school uniform colors) and shop windows are filled with boots, […]