Rain rain go away

I have a number of things that I want to write about over the coming days – reflections on my recent trip to Edinburgh and the holidays with the families (Christmas with my family and New Years with my in-laws). For the time being, however, I’d just like to know when hired a psychic. […]


Don’t ask me why but the other night Nacho and I were singing the theme song to Married with Children. You know how it goes… Love and marriage, love and marriage. They go together like a horse and carriage. That’s when I realized that something was off with Nacho’s singing. He was unintentionally putting a […]

A Story of Giving

Today as I chatted with a coworker of mine who was recently expatriated to Algeria for a long-term construction project, she told me about one of her latest experiences. Truth be told she’s been there barely a week and already has a plethora of stories to tell – everything from the prohibition of bikinis on […]

Jeans on Friday like Fish on Friday?

From a strictly-controlled, highly-scientific, government-sponsored survey this morning… Approximately 80% of pre-7am subway riders wear jeans. Is this because it’s Friday? Because a lot of trade workers work early hours? Because it’s Lent and being such good Catholics they’ve given up dress pants? A fluke? Okay, so this wasn’t really a valid study, just an […]

Random thoughts

Last night in that haze right before I fell asleep, a memory from my childhood popped into my head. I cannot recall why it popped in there (I am mildly obsessed with following trains of thought back to the beginning when someone says, “How did we start talking about THAT??”) but there it was none-the-less. […]