A Cold Day in Hell

They’ve set up a foodstuffs market out in the boulevard of our street. A row of white booths offering everything from Galician breads to Canarian cheese to wines from all over the place. We’ve already checked it out for some good holiday gifts… The noteworthy thing about all this is, however, that the market has […]

A Love Story

This “offspring” is the cab we caught home Friday night. When we reached our street I hopped out to take a couple pictures while Nacho paid. I should have taken some shots of the inside too because it was like a time machine trip back to last weekend. The doors automatically (and loudly) lock when […]

View out my Window

I posted a new picture over in the side bar. I’d been meaning to change it for a while now but kept forgetting. It’s not the best but it more or less captures the spirit of the neighborhood and our new apartment. Lots of sun, wide-open spaces. We’re looking west. That grouping of trees at […]

Run for the Border

Yesterday was a happy happy day. And one that surely made my wonderful expat sister very jealous. I met a good friend out for lunch as I usually do once a week or so. We headed to the nearest mall as we frequently do. We wandered up to the top floor where the restaurants are […]

The Writing on the Wall

Si tu Dios es judío, tu coche japonés, tu pizza italiana, tu gas argelino, tu café brasileño, tu reloj suizo, tus cifras árabes, tus letras latinas… ¿Cómo te atreves a llamar a tu vecino extranjero? I was out and about (unfortunately sans camera) last week when I came across this message painted on a wall […]

A Horse of a Different Color

I just got back from a Girls’ Week trip to London with my mum and sis. We’ve all been to London a half-dozen or so times so this trip was less about sight-seeing than it was about shopping, eating, and theater-going. In fact it has been almost exactly 10 years since my first trip to […]

Something’s in the Air

Back when Nacho and I were living in Florida we’d frequently take the non-stop Miami-Madrid flights over for a short visit with family and friends. We’d arrive around 8am after 9 hours of coach-class flying and immediately jump into 5ish days of eating, drinking, talking, walking, shopping, dancing, laughing… People would always ask how we […]