Boob Tube

For my generation, at least, a great portion of the “knowledge” that people have about the USA comes from TV. Holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving may not be observed here but at least people have heard of them thanks to their favorite series. Elements of American “culture” show up all of the time and […]

Feeling Blue

A big part of this blog has been dedicated to all of differences I’ve noted between the States and Spain. To change things up a bit, I’ve decided to write this post about a similarity instead, and I’ve chosen that which I find the most fun and perhaps the most uniting of all – children’s […]

TV anyone?

The Spanish people have a certain fame for tardiness. I think, perhaps, that comes not from disrespect of anyone, but from a more laid-back attitude towards time in general. I was struck by this recently when I was checking out the TV listings. Check out the photo above, courtesy of the 20minutos website, showing the […]