Two thoughts

Two recent observations on Spain:1) Bullfighting posters haven’t changed in the past hundred years. Seriously. Those posters that you see on postcards or that they sell personalized in Plaza Mayor are supposed to be old-fashioned looking. The modern ones are identical. Is this some sort of metaphor for the sport as a whole? Rooted in […]

Sin Palabras

Saturday night we went to the Spain-Sweden soccer match at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. They’re in the classification stage for Eurocopa 2008 and Spain lost the previous faceoff 0-2 in Sweden. In an effort to ensure a full stadium and reap every benefit possible from the home field advantage, the government decided to keep the game […]

Enough Already!

Today I realized that as well I think I may have assimilated into the Spanish society, I will never be Spanish. Spain is all abuzz today because of yesterday’s final leg of the Formula 1 racing season. Going into the race there was a chance that national hero, Fernando Alonso, could win it all. And […]

All’s Fair in Sports and…

There are a lot of things about Spanish “politics” and “business” that I simply do not understand. In fact, the more I see the less I understand. And the more I see the more convinced I am that the powerful people in Spain, whether their power is in the form of business, sport, or politics, […]

¡España! ¡España!

Patriotism in Spain, at least among the younger generations, is really only acceptable when in conjunction with a sporting event. The patriotic flags, t-shirts, and patches commonly seen in the States don’t appear too much here. But when the various selecciones – national selection teams – are playing everyone’s a patriot. Same thing goes for […]

Campeones campeones oe oe oe

Sunday night Real Madrid played for the Spanish Premier League Championship. We watched the game at a bar in Mallorca surrounded by teenagers. Turns out this weekend was also a big one for the “viaje del fin de curso,” or the senior trip (taken around both age 16 and age 18). Part of the time […]


Last weekend we had a barbeque at Nacho’s cousins’ apartment. They live in a new and modern attic apartment on the northeastern side of the City center. From it I took these pictures of the growing Madrid skyline. Above are the four new skyscrapers being built north of the City, on the old Real Madrid […]