The Onion 1; El Mundo 0

April Fool’s Day isn’t for another month. And the Holy Innocents was back in December. So it looks like El Mundo, one of the biggest Spanish newspapers, has absolutely no excuse for not checking their facts and sources a tad bit more…

Yep, they’ve written a short story about how Obama uses playback on his speeches. They’ve taken the Onion video as fact. And it’s being passed around Spain. As fact. And people are already up in arms criticizing Obama for “getting too big.” Comments on the El Mundo web site include categorizing Obama as “pathetic” and a “hipocritical puppet” as well as stating, “this is how Hugo Chavez got started.” It’s clear that plenty of people are sitting back just waiting for the chinks in Obama’s armor to appear.

Real time update. The newspaper has since taken down the video. And surely fired the intern responsible for putting it there in the first place. This will unquestionably be on the news tonight…


3 comments on “The Onion 1; El Mundo 0

  1. That is amazingly embarrassing for a big newspaper. Here in the states it would take a looong time for them to live it down.

  2. HAHAHA. oh, the dangers of the internet. good catch!

  3. That is hilarious! I saw the video last week. The Spanish have a pretty well developed sense of political humor but I guess if you take a foreign, unfamiliar source and elmundo tells them it's legitimate, this isn't too surprising.

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