Stamp Collector

After work tonight I am heading to the post office to send in my application for a new passport. Mine expires in barely more than a month and I have clearly left this task until the last possible moment. I am actually quite sad about it. I have become incredibly attached to this stupid little blue book. It has been my constant companion over the past 8 years and rarely have more than a couple of months passed without my needing to pull it out of the drawer. But, its time has come. Not only is it on the verge of expiring, but it is also completely full. I counted this morning. 58 stamps and a big-ass visa sticker cover the 7 available pages.

Years ago (8 years ago, actually, when I was in the UK after graduating college and right before moving to Spain) I made a “Life’s To-Do List.” #46 was “Fill a passport with stamps.” Check.


3 comments on “Stamp Collector

  1. Hi Amy, Sometimes they send the old passport back to you with a hole bored through it, rendering it useless for anything but fabulous reminiscing. I hope they do that for you! Linda

  2. Assuming it works like it does here, at least you’ll have to keep the old passport with you as long as your current spousal visa is active. 🙂 That’s how it’ll be for me… my passport expires in 2011 but my visa’s good until 2012, so I’ll have to carry my old pp with the visa + the new pp.

  3. Hi, Linda! I am certainly hoping that I get my old passport back!! It would be a shame to lose it. Thanks for reading! :)Kel, my passport doesn’t actually have a visa in it. I just have my residency card – kinda like Nacho’s green card back in the States.

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